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Attorney Jared Jennings and Attorney Adam Fulton

Car Accident

An injury from a car accident can be devastating.  At Jennings & Fulton, our attorneys have years of experience in litigating car accident cases and are prepared to handle your claim with personalized care.  From making sure you receive the proper medical treatment to properly analyzing liability, getting you compensated quickly and fairly, and above all, prioritizing the clients’ interests.  Unlike many firms here in Las Vegas, when the insurance companies fail to issue fair settlements, we actively litigate cases to maximize our clients’ recovery.  All personal injury case consultations are free of charge.  Simply call our office to schedule a time for one of our attorneys to meet with you to review your case.


Slip and Fall

Business owners and government entities are required to provide safe conditions that are free from preventable harm to customers and invitees to their premises. When a business or entity fails to do so, they are liable for injuries sustained on their property.

A slip and fall accident occurs when any surface is wet, slippery or poorly maintained. These accidents generally occur due to the negligence of the business or entity in keeping walkways clean, not marking hazards, uneven walkways, poorly lit walkways, or building code violations. Slip and fall accidents can lead to serious injuries and can require expensive medical care. 

Our attorneys are experienced in litigating slip and fall cases. We accomplish this by showing the negligence of the business or entity through expert opinion, investigating if there is a prior history of complaints, obtaining pertinent documentation and interviewing witnesses.  We will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation for yourself or your loved one.


Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents are more likely to result in serious injury. Don’t let an insurance company under value your case, or rush you to settle. At Jennings and Fulton, we recognize the seriousness of your case and will work to maximize your settlement for the pain and suffering you have endured.  Motorcycle accidents can result in debilitating injuries that can last a lifetime.  We recognize the impact on our clients’ lives and strive to maximize the compensation our clients receive when they sustain these injuries.


Dog Bite

Personal injury claims are not limited to only car accidents. If you have been injured or attacked by a dog or any other animal, Jennings & Fulton, has years of experience in injury law and vigorously pursues claims against owners of animals that cause pain.  Evaluating a dog bite case or other animal attack is key to increasing a client’s recovery.


Construction Accident

Construction job sites pose many dangers. If you were injured on a job site, you are likely entitled to compensation for your injuries. At Jennings & Fulton, we will work diligently to maximize your settlement for your medical expenses, as well as the pain and suffering you have endured.


Product Liability

A product liability case can arise from the use of anything that is sold. In some cases, a product may have been designed incorrectly or manufactured improperly.  Finally, a product may be defective not from design or manufacture, but from inappropriate marketing such as failure to include sufficient warnings or instructions. At Jennings & Fulton, we aggressively pursue claims against those companies who improperly place products into the marketplace that result in injuries to our clients.


Wrongful Death

A wrongful death case involves a death caused by another person. Causes of wrongful death include car accidents, defective products, failure to properly diagnose medical conditions, buildings of unsafe construction, and many others. At Jennings and Fulton, we realize that money will never compensate our clients for the loss of a loved one.  The seriousness of a wrongful death of a family member is devastating and we understand the implications of the same.  Ensuring that those who are accountable are held responsible is of paramount importance in any wrongful death claim.  The attorneys at Jennings & Fulton understand this and work to ensure that your recovery reflects your loss.


Truck Accidents

Like car accidents, truck accidents can be devastating to those involved. The combination of size and weight make these accidents the highest of stakes. At Jennings and Fulton, we have extensive experience representing clients in vehicle accidents and understand that a truck accident can result in extensive damages. We will work hard to maximize your settlement for your medical expenses, vehicle damage, and pain and suffering.



There are several types of actions that are classified as assault under Nevada law. Assault is an action by someone that intentionally makes another person feel that he/she is about to be physically harmed.  There is no need for actual physical touch to bring a claim of assault. Battery is intentionally harming someone physically, and does require some physical contact. If you have been the victim of assault or battery, we realize the seriousness of your situation and will work diligently to maximize your settlement for your injuries, both physical and emotional

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