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Being a business owner can provide numerous challenges.  It can be devastating to a business when a vendor breaches an agreement, a customer fails to pay for products or services, or an ex-employee takes sensitive information, and this is especially true if these matters result in litigation. It is important for commercial litigation cases to be resolved quickly, with the best possible outcome for your business. 

We understand that the cost of litigation can be burdensome. Most cases can be resolved out of court; therefore, our strategy for commercial litigation starts with mediation, negotiation, and other alternative dispute resolution options. Resolving a case through these methods creates a better outcome and more satisfied clients than a potential litigation result. However, if these techniques do not work, we do not hesitate to aggressively pursue our clients’ interests through litigation.

At Jennings & Fulton, our attorneys have years of trial experience dealing with business litigation and other important factors like reputation and preserving relationships. We have experience in litigating cases involving intellectual property, real estate, construction disputes, bankruptcy, breach of contract, employment, and other practice areas. Regardless of the path your case takes, we work efficiently and vigorously to get results at every level of your case, and to resolve cases as efficiently as possible.



One of the most important assets a business has is their branding. Trademarks help define the brand of a business to their customers. Trademarks are valuable intellectual property and protecting this property is paramount to maintain the competitive advantage of a business.

At Jennings & Fulton, we will compare your trademark to those of your competitors to determine if there is trademark infringement. Our analysis will also include an overview of the potential risks of litigation as well as other methods of protecting your trademark. In addition to litigation, we can also assist in changing marketing materials, branding changes, licensing, and any other trademark issues.



Good employment practices and procedures help avoid expensive litigation, at Jennings & Fulton, we can help you proactively implement sound policies but also assist you when litigation is inevitable. Whether your business is starting out or has been in operation, we can develop sound employment policies and practices. We have experience drafting employee handbooks with policy and procedures, as well as employment contracts, non-compete and confidentiality agreements for multiple industries including entertainment, nightlife, restaurants, trucking, and postal services. 


When resolution of a case through preventative measures is not possible, we will pursue the case. Our attorneys are experienced in defending employment claims in state court, the Nevada Department of Labor, as well as other government agencies.



There are a variety of disputes that arise in construction claims because of the variety of people that work on a construction project. At Jennings & Fulton, we represent general contractors, subcontractors, developers, landlords, homeowners, and suppliers in litigation. We have experience in bond claims, breach of contract disputes, contractor’s board claims, priority disputes, mechanic’s lien claims, payment disputes, and other construction law matters. We can represent you in negotiation, mediation, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution as well as taking a case through trial.

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